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immixGroup's OnRAMP program powered by ORock's FAAS

Save Time and Money on FedRAMP Authorization

FAAS leverages ORock’s FedRAMP Moderate authorization, open source cloud, and private fiber optic network to save you time and money on the FedRAMP process. It enables you to deliver your own commercial off-the-shelf applications as FedRAMP-authorized SaaS offerings for government customers.

 The turnkey OnRAMP program includes: 

  • Your own listing on the FedRAMP MarketPlace (*powered by ORock)
  • A System Security Plan (SSP) for your specific applications
  • Hosting in ORockCloud (FedRAMP Moderate)
  • Security consultant review by Coalfire
  • 3PAO assessment by Schellman & Co
  • 24/7 managed services for ongoing maintenance, compliance, vulnerability reporting, and annual re-assessments


Watch Now: OnRAMP program powered by FAAS